Ali Bin Mahziyar narrates a true story:

One day while I was sleeping I heard a voice saying “Oh! my son come this year to the house of Allah (Kaaba). Come this year and you will see your lmam-e Zaman.” I was awakened from sleep and was very happy.

Thereafter I did not return to sleep and remained awake through out the night. Before he sunrise I performed my shalat and with the rising of the sun I went to my friends and gather them all in one place and set out for Mecca.

In Mecca every night I used to run from one place to the other as if in search of something which I had lost. Twenty times I had come to Mecca for Haj with the hope that I may feast my eyes on the illumineous and glorious face of my beloved Heaving a deep sigh I said to myself that if this time I could not see him ….? 0 Allah help me and enable me to see my Master, my Imam.

One night in Masjadul Haram near the house of Allah I was anxiously waiting for him. I was just thinking that when there would be less rush I would perform Tawaaf, as usually I had been performing my Tawaaf and Ziarat.

Then I saw a youth that was very handsome and nicely dressed. When he came nearer he addressed me and asked me “From which place are you ? “From Ahwaz”, I replied. He said, “Do you Ibne KhazeeIi.” I said “I knew him very well but he has died”. The youth heaved a sigh of sorrow and said, “May Allah pardon him. lbne Khazeeli was one of the friends of Imam Zaman. In the day he used to fast and had been spending his nights in prayers.” Again he asked, “Well you might be knowing Ali Bin Mahziyar.”

I was filled with joy and replied, “I am Ali Bin Mahziyar.” “You are Ali Bin Mahziyar If so then be proud of yourself,” said the youth and continued, “what work have you here and what are you thinking this time?I said, “I have come here so as to see my Imam. He replied, “You have done well, you are welcome. I am giving you the glad tidings. The Master has directed me to send for you. Now go back to where you are staying. I will be waiting for you on a certain place at midnight.”

Overwhelmed with joy I went back to my house. There was no sleep in my eyes as I was restlessly awaiting for the approach of midnight and all the time thinking whether I would be able to see my Master (my Imam), whether I will’ attain that status which will make me worthy to see my Imam. Then I collected my belongings and with my luggage started towards the promised place. When I reached there I saw the same man waiting for me. I bade Salam to him. He came forward and gave me the good news that I was fortunate enough because my Imam had sent for me.
We both started walking and passed on through Mena and Arafat and went so far that we reached the valley down the rearside of Taif. He directed me to stay for a while and perform Shalatu Layl . We stayed there till the time of Shalatu Layl approached.

After the performance of Shalat Fajr(Subh) we reached on the upward side of Taif. Oh! what a wonderful place, what a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere. The trees and the green fields. The sound of the water flowing from the brooks, the chirping of the birds made me completely lost and I began thinking whether I was seeing a dream.
The youth stopped and addressed me “Look carefully at the side I am pointing out a miraculous place to you.” Oh ! I saw a wonderful piece of land. The most soul-refreshing breeze loaded with the fragrance of the flowers of spring season was coming towards our side from that land. Th youth with still more concentration said ‘Look .there and concentrate and see whether you can see anything at the top of the rock.”

“I see a black camp,” I replied. The off shoot of light has been illumining the entire surrounding
The youth said “This is your object the one which you were waiting for. This is the camp of lmam Zaman (AS.).” I was indescribably filed with joy. I screamed, ‘ Please do whatever you can but take me to that place as soon a possible” “Don’t make haste.” the youth replied, “very soon I shall take you to the service of lmam Zaman”. We had not gone far when the youth fold me to get down and walk by foot. He told me to leave the rein of my camel and set it free. “Who would look after my came “ I asked. “This is a land of refuge and peace, the youth replied. Don’t worry about anything here. Be assured of it.’’

When we reached the camp the youth stopped and said, “Wait here I will go inside and get permission for you”. Outside the camp I was very much restless and was very impatiently counting every minute as to when I would get the permission. Meanwhile the youth came out from the tent and said, “Master is pleased to grant permission to you, go and meet him.”

I went inside the camp and saw Imam (A.S.) sitting on a felt carpet resting against the fiber pillow. I went closer and saw the glorious face of the Imam. I bade Salam and he replied it. I smelt the fragrance coming out from him. He very politely and pleasingly asked me, “How are my Shias.” I said, “They are living a very hard life in the regime of Bani Abbas.” He said, “The day is approaching when you will have dominance over them and they will be humiliated and demoralized” Afterwards he proclaimed, “My father has said that the earth will never be left without his representative appointed for guidance-of the people.”

However I remained guest of Imam Zaman (A.S. ) for some days. During this period I remained closed with Imam Zaman AS. He solved whatever difficulties I had. Hereinafter I intended to go back to my city. When I went to say good-bye to him I had fifty thousand Dirham with me which I offered to Imam Zaman but he did not accept saying that it was for my travelling expenses. He prayed for me and said good-bye to me. At last I could realise my old dream.

My friend, “Remember that whoever hopes to succeed in any work in life should try and adopt the right path and have a firm will.”

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